The European Duathlon Championships of Soria 2017 has already concluded, but there is still pending the submission of the summons of the competition weekend in Teledeporte, the sports channel of Radio Televisión Española, a medium of communication of great diffusion that will allow The Soria test will have a greater impact at the national level and thanks to the Internet, will also be able to enjoy the near 600 foreign athletes who have participated during the weekend in the test. The first broadcast will be this Thursday at 18.15 hours and will consist of a format of approximately 30 minutes’ duration.
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Teledeporte's programming grid is already showing the summary of the test, where you can relive the exciting moments of the competition, with the lesson of effort and improvement of all athletes, especially by the paratriathletes. On this occasion, although the design of the circuits allowed that in the elite tests the step by turns was in Mariano Granados in the bicycle sector, many other parts of the circuit were far from the reach of the great public, reason why through the images You can see many more details of the outcome of the races. Nor should we forget the projection of the sponsor's thanks to the television signal and the window that generally supposes for the city and province of Soria.

Nevertheless, the victory of the Spanish Emilio Martín in the elite men's test guarantees the interest of the national spectators, who will be able to see with their own eyes the spectacular atmosphere lived in Mariano Granados, with the city of Soria totally turned in support of the Huelva. But in addition, and thanks to the Internet, the hundreds of foreign athletes will also be able to relive from their respective countries an unforgettable weekend for lovers of this sport. And the web service of Radio Televisión Española 'A la carte' will also offer the video summary so that it can be viewed on the Internet at any time once it has been broadcast for the first time on the television channel. You can also watch online on the Official YouTube Channel of the Spanish Triathlon Federation (FETRI) and on FETRI's multimedia channel.

At the moment, Televisión Española has already included the programming of the broadcast on its grid, in addition, there will be a second broadcast at 5.30 p.m. from Thursday to Friday. However, although this second rediffusion does not have the best schedule, it should not be ruled out that in the next dates are going to be detailing schedules of new repetitions that will happen in later days and in very different time slots. In addition, it is expected that other programs like 'Conexión Teledeporte' daily broadcast and live at 20.30 hours will also refer to the event.

Lasts days of the museum
The exhibition of sports objects exhibited in La Juventud Pavilion will close its doors this week. On Wednesday, May 3, from 12 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 9 p.m. to 9 p.m. will be the last chance that the public will have to be photographed with the medals of Abel Antón and Fermín Cacho. Moreover, since the competition of the weekend, a photocall with the images of Fermin and Abel has been enabled so that all the attendees can be photographed with two of the great stars that the Spanish athletics has given.