The intense weekend is over and the time has come for the assessments of the sporting event that has offered a top-level show. It has to be noted the two elite races, the demonstration of an incredible and constant overcoming thanks to the paratriathletes, and the self-love of all the athletes of the Age Groups, who defied the cold weather, the wind, and the rain on the Sunday.
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For Renato Bertrandi, the president of the European Triathlon Federation (ETU according with its abbreviation in Spanish), both the development and involvement in the city have lived up to the confidence that the continental entity had in this project. ‘I have seen a fantastic Championship. Usually the European Championships are held in very large cities, but in Soria there is a fabulous atmosphere. I liked it very much." - He explained. Of course, beyond the logistical aspects, the spectacle, and the emotions of the competition, which Emilio Martín was in charge of heightening, it is important the enjoyment of both all triathletes and the public. ‘I have spoken with the representative of the Age Groups of Great Britain, who has brought 400 people, and all they are delighted. I did not think Soria could give us something like that. I am very happy because it is very important that the Age Groups, who are the ones who usually travel and promote the triathlon, are satisfied.’ – Renato acknowledged after his presence in Soria. Also he was satisfied for having confidence in Soria despite its size. ‘Sometimes the duathlon is not valued as it deserves, and the fact that it has been reached an amazing atmosphere in the European Duathlon Championships is, indeed, a great gift that people in Soria have made to ETU.’ - He concluded.

Jose Hidalgo, the president of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, was also delighted with the development of the competition. ‘There were great expectations for these Championships. The European Federation had bet on Soria although it was not the city model they wanted. Fortunately, the result has been amazing. I remember in the presentation of Lisbon (Portugal), we highlighted both the human warmth and the atmosphere the athlete would feel. There has been a sporting event and it has been achieved thanks to the athletes and the public. More than a sport, it has been a show. For me, when you reach all that, it is something to celebrate the way the sporting event has been lived.

Amancio del Castillo, president of the regional triathlon federation, wanted to send a message of gratitude to the citizens of Soria for their involvement in the event. It has meant a great support with around 200 volunteers. ‘We always say that volunteers are a fundamental part of the sporting events, and they have proved it throughout the weekend. They have done their best; their involvement, effort, and constancy despite the cold weather and the rain have meant a lot for the continental event. They have always been very kind with the athletes, and for that reason everyone left Soria very happy. Without a doubt, it is the best message that can be sent to Europe. We must also emphasise the support of both the provincial and local institutions, which have been able to seize the great opportunity Soria had ahead from the beginning. Even the Sports Council, being Angel Hernandez the councillor, has been another part of the Organisation. In addition, I want to congratulate Rubén Andrés for the good work of his team. Let’s not forget that he is the soul of this competition, who wanted to put Soria on the map of our sport. He has done it, even beyond the borders of Soria.’